About Hunger's Choice

Hunger's Choice (A Unit of Hunger Choice Pvt. Ltd.) is a dominant exporter and leading marketing company situated in western part of INDIA(Gujarat), specialized in traditional Indian food product. We have wide range of product in bucket like namkeen, sweet, frozen foods etc.

With vision of providing authenticate and traditional taste of Indian food, We are manufacturer, producer, supplier over 50 premium quality products. Our company has skilled and knowledgeable team of people who always want come with innovative and quality products.

Meet Our Team


Hunger's Choice is brain child of two Visionary, Experienced and Innovative entrepreneur Mr. Nilesh Prajapati and Mr. Maulik Khara.

Mr. Nilesh Prajapati
Founder, Director

Mr. Nilesh Prajapati is a successful, award winning, young entrepreneur who is successfully leading well-known food chain named "Shakti Sandwich". Mr. Nilesh Has started his business with small single kiosk in Ahmedabad in 1996, since then with his vision and devotion today "Shakti Sandwich" became well known brand with more than 30 branches across the India and very soon starting their 1st international branch.

Mr. Nilesh is also active as a social activist and working with the NGO's like BAPS, United Way etc. for better good of the society.

Mr. Maulik Khara
Founder, Director

Mr. Maulik Khara is a self made young entrepreneur who have extensive experience of two decade for Sales and Marketing. He started his career as Freelance Market Reacher from their he reached to handle responsibilities as AGM in well-known Indian multinational companies.

Currently, he is working as consultant for many FMCG companies like Veeba Foods(Food Services), Jain Dairy(Food Services) etc. where his duties involves various activities from product development to sales and marketing. He run an organization called "StartupBrain" where he works to boost up the career of the people who works in field of sales and marketing.

Mr. Rohit Trivedi
Bachelors in Engineering, Masters in Finance

Mr. Rohit Trivedi (Bachelors in Engineering, Masters in Finance) has had a wide range of experience of over 15 years globally. An Australian citizen, Mr. Trivedi has got extensive experience successfully managing a Mexican Restaurant for over 3 years in Melbourne, Australia and currently looks after the event management division of Sahyog Entertainment Pty Ltd from Melbourne.

Sahyog Entertainment had recently organised a successful Garba event with renowned Bollywood & Gujarati Singer Ms.Bhoomi Trivedi (The Raam-Leela girl) in 2019. They have got few great new shows in pipeline coming up for 2020.

"Being in Australia for around a decade, I always felt a huge gap for authentic, healthy Indian food. So, when I came across Hungers Choice Food products, I pursued Mr. Khara and Mr. Prajapati to distribute their product in Australia" - Rohit Trivedi.